hello everyone!

Just saw this article and decided to try one by myself

So let me see _ my name is Loeta

L - Lilac

Image removed flowers, purple, and lilac image purple, sky, and sunset image sky, car, and pink image

O - Orange

orange, fruit, and food image orange, aesthetic, and minimalism image flowers, orange, and aesthetic image orange, aesthetic, and polaroid image

E - Eggplant

etsy, spacers, and round bead image etsy, purple wood beads, and spacers image girl, anime, and art image decor, pillows, and vegetables image

T - Turquoise

blue and stairs image blue, ice, and snow image moon, night, and city image aqua, wall, and blue image

A - Aquamarine

aesthetic, blue, and sea image alcohol, cigarette, and alone image beach, summer, and sea image blue and gem image

That's it. Thank you for reading