hi guys !!
thanks to all the people that have liked my last article !!
this afternoon i studied for my chemistry's exam, and i ate a lot of japanese food. im exploding.


today, im gonna to talk about date.
everyone, at the moment to choose clothes are like 'why have i nothing to wear?'

but it's so easy to find elegant clothes, even if you don't have them, like me.


  • the first part of this article is dedicated for people that don't have elegant clothes, like me.
fashion, style, and outfit image

i think that ripped jeans are elegant, most of the time i wear them to go out with my family. i know, that it's sound weird, but it's real !!

fashion, style, and clothes image

you only need a skirt and a top, and a hot season.

fashion, outfit, and girl image

easy peasy lemon squeezy.

you'll be like 'i wake up five minutes ago, please im not the type of girl that you think, boy'.

  • if you have elegant clothes, now it's your time !!
fashion, dress, and style image

flower dress, you're elegant, minimal, and cute at the same time !! what a girl !!

fashion, outfit, and style image

you can wear a dress, but you can also wear trousers, you can mix what you like with everything, you only have to be creative.

girl, black, and hair image

minimal, black, original and sexy, at the same time !!


for this week that's enough !!

have a good life


that's not real, now im here for share with you my favourite anime, manga and other things of this week, with you !!

  • another

.peek-a boo - red velvet
.cheer up - twice
.lie - bts

ok, im going to eat another japanese food now,

menmsa ( @menms.a )