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so i fell in love with a beautiful boy. all these years i was too blind. he was right there in front of me without me knowing anything. how? how did i not see that he was in love with me?
i guess he was just too nice. he was always laughing and goofy when he was around me. the thought of him liking me did pop up in my head a few times but i just threw that thought aside and said to myself: maybe he is like that with everyone else.

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how did it all start?

well we are not in the same class but the one thing we have with each other is french class. so our teacher said we had to make a dialogue in groups. first it was just me and my two friends ella and hunter and sam was away at the time so our teacher said out loud "who is sam going to be with?" and since i thought he was a funny guy i said that he could be with us.

ella was sick and hunter usually skips class so it was just me and sam. we started working but he kinda distracted me because for some reason i was always laughing at everything he said. after a couple of lessons ella was still sick and hunter joined us a few times but he was not doing anything of the work. me and ella usually walks to the bus station together but since she was sick i had no one to go with because all my other friends just walk home since it is so close. and since i thought sam did not have feelings for me i decided to ask if he wanted to go with me and luckily he said yes because why would he turn his crush down right? on the way there we stopped at a small café and sat down to chat because there was still time left. we talked about the things that we liked and did not like, me being me said "yeah this would not work out" with a smirk and he knew what i was talking about but he just kept saying "mhm we will see about that" in a joking way.

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after a little while he asked me if i wanted to go christmas shopping with him and i of course said yes cause i did not have anything else to do. so we walked down to the mall from after we finished school and went in to stores together. my friends from school apparently was going christmas shopping too so we were close to bumping in to them but we stayed away from them since i did not want them to know that something was going on between us cause i was still unsure about what was going on exactly.
then his best friend joined us with his girlfriend which i also knew and that is how me and sam knew about each other. his best friend and i have been really good friends ever since kindergarten so around eight-nine years-ish. then they left after a while cause they were going home so it was me and sam left.
now that he was done with his christmas shopping we decided to say goodbye and that was when it happened. i had to stand on my toes since he is a bit taller than me and gently grabbed his face and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

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i am still head over heels for sam after two months and i could not be happier. his family is so nice towards me and they really like me which is always a plus.


the names in bold text are not their actual name, i only did this to protect their identity