I've always loved discovering new baby names, even though I'm definitely not expecting anytime soon! I know so many people who have a list of names written down in their notes on their phone, so over time I've done the same and have come up with a big list of names and I thought why not share them?

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Emersyn -
This is practically unheard of in the UK, but I hear it a lot in US movies. I absolutely love how pretty it sounds.

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Rey -
This is my favourite name in the entire world. I would love to name my future daughter after my Grandad "Raymond", so this is a beautiful alternative in memory of him.

Ivy -
I would love to have twins, so if I did I would definitely call them Rey and Ivy as I think they go together perfectly.

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Nova -
I've always loved this name and I know its starting to become more common which upsets me a little, but its so stunning!

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Autumn -
I think all season names are gorgeous, but as Summer is a very popular name, I like Autumn the most out of the rest. It's so pretty!

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Elena -
I guess I could thank The Vampire Diaries for this name as I had never heard it before watching the series. It's one of my favourites and is a name I will definitely use in the future if I have a little girl.

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Harlow -
If I ever had a little boy I would love to name him Harlow. I first fell in love with it because of Winnie Harlow and I remember thinking how lovely it would be for a boys first name.

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Luca -
I've always loved the names Luke, Lucas, Luca, but if I had to choose I'd name my future child Luca. I love how simple it is and I don't think its popular in the UK at all so I love it all the more.

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Reign -
This is my favourite boy name ever, I think it's gorgeous and I will definitely use it in the future.

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Hayes -
I don't know anyone with this name and I'm assuming its only really popular in the US as I've only ever heard of people on social media with this name. However, I LOVE it.

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Ira -
I don't know if you've realised yet how I seem to be a huge fan of short names, haha. I love how similar Ira sounds to Isla which is more of a feminine name, but Ira would be adorable for a little boy.

I hope you liked my list! There are so many more names in my notes, but these are just a small selection of my favourites!


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