I was wondering why
and I search every piece in my mind.
that's how it works?
that's how it is?
maybe things are just like a thrill.

I place my thoughts in order
I stayed in your softness
I trust but was I fool or in love?

place your heart next to mine
blow up like a thousand of skies
be your own kind of dark
be your own kind of magic.

stay away or stay close
give me everything or give me zero
replace your bones, replace my soul
you don't ask you just glow.

trust yourself when you say goodbye
and trust your thoughts when you're saying alright
far away you'll find a sign
just focus on my eyes.

As you're afraid,
I'll tell you something,
even if loving you isn't enough
you've still got me crazy just by your sight.

Love is a mystery
love is whatever it is
and you broke all of it.

So stupid me I wonder,
why everything that you love that's what you destroy?