Hey there it´s me again.
Today I´m going to write to you my list of things I do to be happy, it´s kind of a guide for me.
So enjoy it.

1. Never regret something.

In my opinion, you shouldn't regret about something you did, I mean for some reason you did it, Right? I don´t care if you think god or the universe make you do something in a specific way, the point is, you did it, for some reason you did it, and if nobody from the future come to the present and stops you from doing something, Is really a bad decision? So don´t be regret, you are what you decide to do and if you regret doing something you are regretting being how you are.

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2. When lives turn it´s back, kick lives butt.

Okay, you already listen " If life gives you lemon make lemonade" well in my case you if life gives you the back you just have to make live see how is the powerful one, put everything in your favor, do what you want to do, lives is yours.

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3. Don't wish to be another person.

Is okay to see another person life and say "Wow she/he has a perfect live" and it´s okay to want a life like that but, you are you and you don´t what that person do to have what she or he have, if you want a life like your idol okay, try to have but don´t wish to be your idol, YOU are YOU, okay?

4. Never use a disease as an insult.

I´m gonna be honest I did it, a few years ago I said something about the people with Down syndrome and it was a joke and everybody laughed but today I realize that is not a joke and also is not an insult, is something important. Never use a disease as an insult or something to make fun of.

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5. Be kind to everybody.

It´s hard but you can do it, smile everytime you can, help if you can and look you are being kind, is something small but helpful.

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Okay, that's all.
Love you
Be happy

xoxo C