What's up Hearters! 💗 I've got a fun article for all you guys and gals today, how to have the ultimate girls night. All the best chick flicks to watch, food to make and things to do. Shall we?


So having matching pyjamas on a girls night is super cute and is a great way to start off. My personal favourites are the silky kind. They're comfortable, cute and just make you feel great.

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So my friend suggested a girls night because she recently bought this cocktail making kit and I thought hey what a great idea! Making cocktails with your girls is a great activity and who doesn't love fruity alcoholic drinks?! For all the non-drinkers out there (🙋🏼) swap cocktails for mocktails, they taste just as great. Buy a cocktail kit online and phone up your gals!🍹

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Take-out pizza is always an option, but if you fancy something a little different why not make your own? 🍕I love making my own pizza and everyone I've done it with has enjoyed it too. Store bought pizza dough makes it super easy! All you need are the sauces and toppings and ta-dah!

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The greatest (in my humble opinion) chick flicks of all time:

  • Kicking off the list with my absolute favourite 🥁 John Tucker Must Die. If you haven't seen it...you need to. If you have...I don't need to explain. Moving on.
  • Next up we have Bridesmaids. Because who hasn't gotten a little crazy when someone calls your best friend their best friend?
  • Give it up for The First Time. I'm sorry, I had to. You get the idea of the film, plus Dylan Obrien is really cute in it. So. Yeah.
  • Last but not least, Pitch Perfect. A bunch of weirdos with nothing in common, coming together to sing their hearts out. And end up becoming the best of friends. Need I say more?
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Hair, make-up and nails

Of course, we have the very classic but still very much appreciated make overs that take place on a sleepover.

  • Hair.
  • Manicure/ pedicure.
  • Make-up.
  • Dressing up. Sometimes a girl just needs to get dressed up to sit with her bffs and drink wine.
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Bubble bath and facial

Depending on how comfortable you are with your gal pal, bubble baths and facials are great. Put some music on in the background or maybe even your favourite TV show, Add a face mask and relax. Gossip is optional but greatly appreciated.

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The music sets the tone and atmosphere for your girls night. Everyone's music taste is different so make sure your playlist is a good mix of old and modern to meet everyone's choice.

I have a Spotify playlist called 'Girls Night' which is a mix I put together a while ago. Check it out if you want a playlist and fast! My username is 'ndengering'.

So that's all, of course these are just some ideas and you can build upon them to create your own Girls night activities.

Enjoy Hearters 💗