This playlist includes some psychedelic music and dream pop, these are songs on listen to almost daily. Hope you enjoy!

1. Colored Emotions by Night Moves

aesthetic, retro, and vintage image

2. Sutphin Boulevard by Blood Orange

drew barrymore, black and white, and cigarette image

3. Dreamers Tied to Chairs by Ashrae Fax

lips, vintage, and aesthetic image

4. Timeline by Mild High Club

vintage, sea, and beach image

5. Night on Earth by Jerkcurb

Abusive image

6. Origins by Tennis

70s image

7. Somewhere Tonight by Beach House

couple, johnny depp, and cigarette image

8. Into Yr Mind by Young Hunting

Temporarily removed

9. Evening by TOPS

grunge, disco, and party image

10. I'm on Fire by Chromatics

aesthetic, lips, and gold image

11. Ondine by Lower Dens

orange, alternative, and grunge image

12. Shuggie by Foxygen

girl, vintage, and style image

13. Sundown Syndrome by Tame Impala

Image removed

14. The Big Idea by Black Books

mirror, aesthetic, and nails image

15. Into Black by Blouse (my favorite song atm)

water, couple, and summer image

16. Warned You by Good Morning

cindy crawford and naked image

17. In Your Arms by Sunbeam Sound Machine

music and vintage image

18. Margot by Minks

car, vintage, and aesthetic image

19. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire

90s, aesthetic, and sunkissed image

20. Vow by SALES

vintage, car, and beach image