Hello guys! Today I'm gonna do my Harry Potter tag, so you know where do I belong in our fantastic world created by J.K. Rowling. I hope you enjoy and that you feel identified!

1. H o u s e

aesthetic aesthetic green aesthetic
I'm a proud Slytherin

2.- P a t r o n u s

animal Superthumb adorable animal
The beautiful ocicat

3.- F a v. F e m a l e C h a r a c t e r

Superthumb book book book
Hermione is truly my inspiration

4.- F a v. M a l e C h a r a c t e r

aesthetic boy aesthetic Superthumb
Draco is my crush

5.- F a v. V i l l i a n

Superthumb boy alone Superthumb
Young Voldy and Bellatrix

6.- L e a s t F a v. F e m a l e

aesthetic harry potter cup clothes
Dolores (Pain in spanish HAHAHA) Umbridge

7.- L e a s t F a v. M a l e

bow newspaper cake aesthetic
Muggle Vernon Dursley

8.- T e a r j e r k e r

Superthumb harry potter alan rickman deathly hallows
Sirius, Dobby and Snape deaths; The end.

9.- W a n d / S t o n e / C l o a k

book Superthumb Superthumb art
It must be so cool being invisible

10.- S u b j e c t

harry potter expecto patronum beauty Superthumb
Defense against the dark arts/ Potions

11.- S p e l l s: F o r L i f e

book harry potter broken harry potter
Accio, wingardium leviosa, reparo, lumos/ nox

12.- Q u i d d i t c h

harry potter Superthumb harry potter Superthumb
Seeker/ Chaser


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