"Where do I even begin? This project is far beyond incredible. It boosts my confidence and has made me become a better person on and off the internet. When I think about the fact that there is such a wonderful project that's goal is to spread smiles, it really does make me smile. I'm so grateful to be a part of such a movement and to be promoting kindness everywhere I go." -Megan (@flourescxnt)


About four months ago, I created a project that I honestly thought would fizzle out in a week or so -- it nearly did. I thought I wouldn't get any team members to help support it -- I nearly didn't. I thought this would just be another thing I started and possibly wouldn't finish -- it nearly ended that way.

It nearly, it nearly, it nearly... but it didn't.

Hello, beautiful heaters and Smilers. I'm Kaylee and I created #TheSmileProject.

I'm going to be completely honest in saying that I nearly gave up a few times. And I hate saying that or thinking that because giving up isn't something I usually do. There have been a few times where I have felt overwhelmed with keeping the project going along with staying on top of school and everything else in my life.

But I pushed through. Not because I "wanted to make a name for myself." But because I knew I needed to. I knew this was something people needed and I couldn't stand the idea of giving it to them and then taking it away with no explanation.

How could I start something such as this just to take it away? If I wasn't ready to begin it, then maybe I shouldn't have started the project at all. And I kept telling myself that. There was a reason to create this, There was a purpose.

"The smile project has gave me the inspiration to write an article explaining the importance of being happy, the project shows the captivating part of life which is happiness. The project has shown me the importance of making others feel happy, it has motivated me to write an article to show the readers a positive side of life." - Summer (@Figure_skater10).

#TheSmileProject has come a long way since the first initial article. That article was an idea. A thought. A hope. And now it has formed into what it is today: A platform to help spread the love and joy we need to get through the day. It has given so many people the idea of how positivity and a smile has so much power that it can ultimately change a completely horrible morning into a fantastic day.

We need positivity more than ever. Especially in today's society. We're constantly surrounded by darkness. What we need is light, and for many #TheSmileProject has been that light.

I have a challenge for you. Go out and change someone's day. Give them a small positive note. Tell a stranger they look nice or remind them to smile. Do someone that will make someone's okay day great. And then make an article about it with #TheSmileProject or message me and we can share it on our website and/or in an article.

#TheSmileProject needs to go beyond the screen. And that starts with us.

Be #TheSmileProject and show the world that beautiful smile of yours.


Want to join the movement? Message me and we'll get you started. Also, check out the #TheSmileProject collection and our website for more inspiring articles, polls, videos, and more.