This poem was inspired by let the boys cry - aprilette

Let him cry
You can't define why he shouldn't
Not if you weren't near when he needed someone to talk to and help him walk through tough, untouched doors.

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Let him cry
When he can't take it anymore and it's hard to hold on and move ahead
when his scars run too damn deep
and he thinks he's torn and misunderstood, through his tears let him bleed.

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Let him cry
When he's falling apart
When life, for him, seems to get harder with every breath

Let him cry
When words cant describe what he feels
But his heart wont give in till he is rid of all that he keeps to himself

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His eyes dont have to be sand dry for him to be strong
His tear stained cheeks are what defines the strength he has shown
Let him cry for he is human.