We need to talk -there is no record on history of someone not afraid of this phrase. I wasn't the exception, my stomach did a twist and turn and I wanted to run, run as far as I could; from you and my feelings for you.

You where sitting down on a bench while I couldn't stop walking side to side. My feet couldn't stop moving; they were ready to get away from everything. I noticed your serious look and shaky aura. It was a 50/50 result of what was going to happen and I was afraid of knowing your thoughts of the case. I stopped in front of you with my arms over my chest, in a protective manner. I needed to know, it was now or never.

Let me rewind... after a long time me and you saw each other once again. Both of us with boyfriend and girlfriend, but we were still good friends. After a few weeks I broke up with my boyfriend cause he cheated on me and you helped a lot, along with all our other friends. We had planned to go out all together but everyone was busy and we ended up being you and me. Like a... *glup* date. We talked about many things, and in a surprising manner you were so full of knowledge and could stand by my level in deep conversation that I could help myself in start falling for you. You started to appear on my mind more often that sometimes. I already had a small crush on you but then after our non called dates I was having a bigger one, one that I couldn't ignore.

After a few dates I noticed you being kind of weird, so I tried giving you space by not talking to you... and still you were the one that came to me then. It was confusing, but I knew my place and didn't do anything. Until... our last "date"... when we had a blast of time, but at the end to tried to kiss me. I was on shock. I didn't let you, not cause I didn't wanted but because it was the right thing. You were having problems in you professional life and with your girlfriend... and I was afraid that you would regret it. I knew you would. We talked and you confessed to me that you had attraction to me and I confess to have feelings too. What a troublesome situation huh?

NOOOW let's get back to the present. You just arrived from a long trip and by know you said you would have the answer to your confusion. You are a good guy and I know you will not let me hanging, you will give me an answer. Will you go and try it harder with you girl or will you want to try it with me?

It's time.

You look at me and smile... a smile of a child, the child inside of you. The child inside the body of a grown man. You took a deep breath.

*What do you want me to tell you? *- always a joker. I felt my heart race, my hand in fists and my face totally in poker mode, just a little smile was trying to get out.

I took a deep breath- *I need to know, what it is that we will do?*- tell me if I should turn around or hug you. Was what I want to say but I knew I wouldn't.

*You are free*- I felt my heart crouch and get ready for the impact- *you are free to love me how you want and I am free to love you as much as I want*- the world just froze in the spot. I couldn't believe what you said, nor the words you chose for telling me. And here I thought you were not the romantic type.

I came close to you and I put my forehead with yours- *great... then I will take it*- I said and got a little bit away from you to see your face. But I could so much cause you grabbed my head and slowly but surely pressed your lips with mine... making me feel like I was flying. It was a sweet kiss and one that I enjoyed. You stood up and hugged me in a lovely manner, then you grabbed me by the waist and pulled me up, I let a half scream come out of my mouth, with lots of giggles. It was the 50/50 chance I wanted and just hope it was the right choice.