As this is my first article I though I would write about something I'm passionate about: music.
Here you have my all time favorite songs. They have inspired me throughout all my life and the ones I always come back to.

1. Back to Black - Amy Winehouse
This album has two of my favorite songs of her: You know I'm no good & Back to black . I'll never get tired of listening to her voice, it has never died, she's still alive. As most of the albums I will mention in this article I have this one in physical form.

Image by athenxoxo Amy Winehouse and amy image

2. AM - Arctic Monkeys
I discovered the world when I first listened to Do I wanna know? I knew that album had to be mine, after a few months, my aunt buy it for my birthday. Today I know by heart all of their lyrics. If anyone wants to make me the happiest girl in the world, please take me to one of their concerts.

Image by vic arctic monkeys, alex turner, and band image

3. X - Ed Sheeran
I had only listened to a few songs of him when I went to his concert a few summers ago. I falled in love when he sang Give me love, my best friend and I even started crying. He just released the album some months after the concert and I couldn't not buy it.

album, chanson, and sing image ed sheeran image

4. Currents - Tame Impala
I want to listen to everything they do. I could listen to The less I know the better every morning and it will still be my favorite song. I find each song is so different from everything I have ever listened to and they time-travel you to another space. The remix they did of Waves by Miguel is also amazing.

bed, currents, and good music image tame impala image

5. In between dreams - Jack Johnson
My boyfriend had his album on his car and whenever we did a roadtrip I would always put it on. I love the silly love songs and the fact they remind me to him makes it even perfect. I feel butterflies everytime I listen to any of his songs.

jack johnson and in between dreams image surf, jack johnson, and music image
Ignore if there are any grammar errors I'm sorry but english is not my mother tongue