I just wanted to show you my beautiful country through some pictures.

I want to travel. Maybe I'll end up living in Norway, making cakes.
- Eva Green


Image by Cambio Faccia arctic, baby, and cute image fox image Image by Scarecrow


beauty, cold, and ice image beautiful, fjord, and landscape image travel, nature, and photography image norway, ski, and snow image


shame, skam, and vilde image 4, al, and Iman image skam, isak, and even image skam, sana, and chris image
SKAM is a tv series that's really popular in Norway, I recommend it strongly.

May 17th

black, blonde, and brunette image norway image ice cream, food, and photography image celebrate, flag, and norway image
May 17th is Norways nationalday, we celebrate that we got our constitution in 1814.

Northern lights

stars, beautiful, and night image aurora borealis, christmas, and gift image aurora, awesome, and boreal image alaska, aurora, and beautiful world image

Norwegian language

love, quotes, and norwegian image norway, love, and boyfriend image danish, girl, and letters image norwegian and skam image


aurora and aurora aksnes image Image by ibrahim_love31 alone, dj, and faded image astrid s and singer image
AURORA, Kygo, Alan Walker, Astrid S


strawberry, vintage, and fruit image chocolate, hike, and San Diego image apple, breakfast, and cupcake image norway, oslo, and foodporn image

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