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Here I am again with a new article. I would say it's quite like Things You May Do not Know but it has a specific theme. I will tell you 3 mystery stories. Well let's get started

1. The Overtoun Bridge
The Overtoun Arched Bridge was built in 1859, near Milton, in the Dumbarton province in Scotland. It is known in the area as the mysterious bridge from which an inexplicably large number of dogs has suddenly jumped into the void, dropping from a height of 15 meters. The first incidents were recorded in the 1950s, and even more creepy is that the very few dogs that were not killed by the fall, returned to the point where they first fell and they came back. Almost all the dogs jumped from exactly the same point on the same side of the bridge. In 1994, a resident of the area threw his newborn son off the bridge, claiming he was the Antichrist, and then he himself committed suicide by falling over there. Residents of the area believe the bridge is haunted.

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2. Shanti Deva and post-harvesting
Four-year-old Shanti Deva lived with her parents in Delhi, India in 1930. One day, the little girl told her parents that she once lived in a place called Muttra, she was a mother of three children, and her name was Ludgi. Her parents at first did not mind, but when they noticed that their daughter insists on her story, they decided to investigate it. It turned out that there really was a village called Muttra, where a woman named Ludgi died a few years ago. When they went with their daughter there, the four-year-old Shanti spoke the local dialect with the locals, recognized the man and her three children, and even spoke about twenty-four different events that fit into confirmed incidents from Ludgi's life.

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3. The only survivor was a psychopathic murderer
George Island is off Labrador and was a happy place until 1876. Then a wreck of the ship Walrus happened with the governor asking the sailors to go to the rescue boats in order to do so. But only one man managed to save himself and reach the coast. That was at least the story he told the fishermen who found him and helped him. Later, however, some other fishermen visited George Island and found on the coast corpses of people, who were mutilated. In fact, their head was missing, while another body had ax wounds on the head. The fisherman's employer visited the island to bury the corpses and discovered some rotten papers and the photograph of an unknown woman. It seems that the mutilated bodies found by the fishermen were men from the crew of Walrus. But their only survivor and murderer had already disappeared and no one ever found him.

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I wrote only 3 mystery stories because I do not know if you like these kinds of articles. If you like articles with mystery, etc., tell me to know for the next time!