The colour of your eyes.


Many say it is a boring and uninteresting colour, they see it as ordinary, plain, dull even.

But what i see is much more than just boring old brown, no for i see this; the colour of warmth, it’s hot coffee on a cold day, dark chocolate melting into a glossy sweet abyss.
They remind me of a cozy warm fire with the autumn leaves falling upon the freshly rained street.

You’re eyes tell a story of passion, anger and happiness all depending on how the light hits them.

Oh and they are so much more than just plain old brown my darling for they light up with flecks of gold, changing colour from a deep rich brown to a dripping golden honey. They are one colour but so many more at the exact same time.

They are big, rich and bold! They show life, pain and sorrow all while bringing a smile to the faces of those who truly stand and see the sincerity and beauty that lay within.

So next time someone dares to say that brown is plain and boring remember this, brown is just the beginning of all the wonder that you are.