Hey Hearters.
So, here I present 5 things about travelling

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1. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE A LUXURIOS : You don't have to book a five star room like i mentioned earlier, You can't be wild. You can explore not-so-famous places and you can know more about them.

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You get to know everything about how people live there. What life is life for them. Lifestyles around the world sometimes can be the exact opposite.After some days, you start adjusting to the lifestyle. You become a part of it.

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3. FOOD! : If you're a foodie, travelling is the thing for you. You get to know about the staple dishes of the places and get to eat them of course.

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4. KNOWLEDGE: True education is when you're well read and well traveled. You will always learn more when you see things rather than just studying about them

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5. PEACE: last but not the least. Your soul finds peace. You know life is not stuck to one place. It's so much more. So much to see, So much to learn. So many discoveries to be made.

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I hope you likes this article. See you guys soon.