Oh, boy. I can't believe how much I actually underestimate the power of my own abilities. Like I always keep on thinking I'm not suitable for one thing or another which leads me to never even trying to do the thing. But I say: Enough. I'm getting tired of playing the victim.
So I wanted to apply to a job but I somehow keep postponing it convincing myself that unbelievable impossible scenarios will for sure happen once I get the actual job. But, like I said, I'm getting sick from this and I'm kinda done.
What I'm going to do is just apply. Simple as that. I don't think I'll even get to the interview anyways. Whatever, I just have to try. And start to actually practice what I preach. I'll of course keep you updated, my loves. But, here's the thing:
I want you to encourage yourself right now. Think of that one thing that's been bugging you lately and if it's hurting you, let it go However, if it's making you feel good about the future, embrace it. Just do it. Like right now I'm gonna aply for the job and hope for the best. It's worth to try.
Because you're worth it. And I am, too. A little courage is all we need.
Much love,