Falling, falling down,
All too low, all too long,
Don't know when will it end,
Like high on weed, it never ends,

Loving, loving too hard,
Asking too much, wanting it bad,
Never was it love but lust,
Since the bed was never far,

But they see you as their angel,
So pure and kind and loveble,
They don't know what you do,
To keep the demons far away from you,

Trying hard, always trying,
Never knowing when to give up,
Lucifer you hear him calling,
Calling his little angel

Teasing, toying, you went too far,
You know its bad, but you did it,
Nails clawing at his back,
But God forbids it,

Oh they see you as their angel,
So caring and loving and negotiable,
That's why you don't know what to do,
When the demons finally caught you,
Because they know,
They know,
Oh they know,
You're an angel.