Here I have some room decoration tips for you, enjoy!

Get inspired

  • I think the first thing everyone does when searching for room decor tips and tricks, is going online and look fore some.
  • There are many pages out there where you can look for inspo. We heart it is my favorite page, but other pages are Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr.
apple decoration
  • Watch room tour videos on youtube! There are so many room tour videos out there on yt. There is certainly one for everyones taste.
aesthetic kelsey simone
This is Kelsey Simone, she has a really good taste and her room tour is amazing.

Get organized

If you have for example a lot of make up brushes, a lot of sunglasses or a lot of stationary it goes a long way if you organize that stuff!

  • For example, get those clear makeup storage thingys.
black beauty
  • Put all your sunglasses, rings, bracelets, rings etc. in the same place.
accessories, sunglasses, and glasses image
  • In stores (craft stores especially) they usually have many different organizers. You can use cute cups or just simple ones to put pencils and other stuff in.
beauty apple

Fill the walls

Having something on your wall really does a lot. For example:

  • A canvas, painting or a tapestry
audrey hepburn bed
  • A nice mirror (or many)
decor bedroom
  • Quotes and pictures
bed bedroom bed bedroom

Your bed

In a bedroom, the bed is what (usually) takes out the most space, and therefore has a big inpact on the interior.

  • Choose a bedspread that has the same kind of tone as the rest of your room.
bedroom, room, and white image
  • For example, if you have a really white room, a bedspread that is white, black or grey goes well with that.
bed bed
  • There are many different "decoration pillows" that gives your bed that little extra.
bed bed

The small things

It´s all in the details as they say. Small decorations and details can make a big difference. Here are some tips:

  • Fairy lights
bed bedroom bed apple
  • Plants
book decor
  • Books
black book
  • Perfume bottles
dior, perfume, and Brushes image
  • Shop bags
chanel black bedroom bag

That´s it, thanks for reading!

xo Gabriela