A letter to my love, my love who broke my heart and left.

To my unknown lover,
I wish you would leave me alone now. Leave me and my feelings for you, alone. You started and built up my life and ended it too. What else more could you ruin for me. My life was already shit, then you entered it and I thought that I had a chance of living a great life, but then it became worse.

You said you wanted me.
You said you needed me.
You said you felt like you couldn't breathe without me beside you.
You said we'd be forever.
You said you'd stay with me until we grew old.
You said you loved my smile.
You said we'd last forever.
You said we were meant to be.
You said you loved me.

And I believed you.

Until you left me to cry, get old and die all by myself. I buried myself in denial and disbelief. I didn't want to believe it. I had depended on you too much. I had never believed in myself. I never believed that my own thoughts were right.

With this, she had start talking about me, about how weak of a girlfriend I was to you. How you hated innocent, pure girls like me. How you hated the fact that I never kissed you for longer than 5 seconds. How you hated that I was a virgin. How you hated me for protecting my skin every time you tried to cover me with hickeys. How you hated yourself for dating me. How you hated yourself for not being the one to take my virginity, how I never allowed you to touch me and how you hated, me.

So I guess I was wrong about you. I guess I was wrong about love. I guess I was wrong about us and I know I was wrong, in thinking that you could love me more than I could love myself. I was wrong in thinking you were my everything. But, I was so wrong. I'm everything that I am. I am my own person. I am my own admirer, and it might sound like narcissism but now i know that i can love and praise myself more than you ever could.

So, you've left me and now, it's finally my time to be leaving you, all my feelings for you and your sorry excuses for leaving me, in the past. I deserve someone who loves me with all my insecurity, someone who respects my beliefs and loves me for me.

People make mistakes - and mine was you.