The study of different topics related to quantity, shape, calculations etc. is termed as mathematics. It is an interdisciplinary subject which is taught to all the students from the nursery level. The subject of mathematics is taught and is extensively used in a number of other disciplines like that or engineering, astronomy, business, accounting, etc. the subject math is made compulsory in a number of universities and colleges. Math is an interdisciplinary subject having roots in a number of other disciplines. Also, the subject is very vast having different sub-disciplines and sub-branches. Students seldom feel like they are not able to solve the given math homework. Hence, they feel like “can someone do my math homework, please do my math homework” such conditions they look out for online math homework help experts online. EssayCorp is a prestigious online academic help providing website which is known to provide the finest quality of math homework help to the students.

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Two broad sub-divisions

Mathematics though, very vast can be subdivided into two broad categories on the basis of a set of grounds. Below mentioned is a description of the two sub-divisions: -
⦁ Pure mathematics – it consists of all the crude and abstract concepts of mathematics and is used in various sub-divisions and professional areas. This particular category of mathematics has been used in physics, navigation, engineering and astronomy.
⦁ Applied mathematics – this category of mathematics uses the concepts of the pure mathematics and applies them in various technical and professional areas. The concepts of applied mathematics find their use in various fields like business, computer science, engineering, science and other industrial areas.

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The most basic of all the branches of mathematics is the arithmetic. Arithmetic has been known to have its roots in the prehistoric times. The branch of Arithmetic deals with various operations of mathematics including the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Arithmetic is considered as the basic or the elementary portion of the number theory. Arithmetic consists of the most basic operations of the mathematics discipline and the topic is interrelated to other areas of arithmetic including the arithmetic mean, arithmetic progression etc. The decimal representation of the numbers and quantities too has been started after the decimal arithmetic concept. The math homework help from EssayCorp does talk about the concepts of arithmetic.

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Algebra in the simplest forms can be defined as the branch of mathematics which deals with certain symbols and the operations and manipulation of these symbols. For the purpose of manipulation of various types of symbols of algebra, a certain set of rules are to be followed which are all described in the math homework help provided by the highly qualified subject experts of NeedAssignmentHelp. The study of algebra also includes certain aspects such as the fields, rings and groups. All of this constitutes the entire discipline of algebra altogether. Algebra is divided into the elementary and the abstract algebra. It is a widely accepted thought that the elementary algebra is useful for the discipline such as medicine, engineering, economics etc. Whereas, the abstract algebra is a discipline which is used in highly advanced disciplines and professions. Algebra and all its operations are clearly described and solved in the algebra assignment help by EssayCorp.

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It is the branch of math which deals with the study of various lengths and angles of a triangle. The entire study of trigonometry is focused upon a triangle and its various properties. According to the Greek “trigon” means triangle and “metron” means measure. Hence, in the terms of the Greek trigonometry is the study of different measurements of a triangle. Various trigonometric functions are today used in different pure and applied mathematics concepts. Various areas and disciplines where trigonometry is used include acoustics, music, electrical as well as mechanical engineering, ecology, astronomy biology and much more. The simplest association of trigonometry and its functions have been traced to be with the planar right angle triangles. Hence, most of the properties and functions of trigonometry are related to the right-angled triangles. But, there might be certain exceptions like spherical trigonometry which is the study of the triangles on spheres and the elliptical trigonometry. The study of the trigonometry on the negative curvatures is termed as the hyperbolic trigonometry. The Math Assignment Help from the EssayCorp will include the topic of Trigonometry as well.

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Importance of Math

Mathematics is an essential subject and hence, is mandatory in schools until a certain specific grade. Apart from the schools and colleges, mathematical operations hold great importance even in the daily life of the normal individuals. Below mentioned are some of the reasons to study of math or the importance of mathematics: -
⦁ It paves way for the students to deal with a number of analytical and IQ related questions.
⦁ It helps in day to day life calculations, measurements, approximations and a lot more.
⦁ Various mathematical concepts are used today in the important areas such as architecture and civil engineering.
⦁ Mathematics is the basic foundation of a number of disciplines and professions such as statistics, accounting etc.
⦁ It is interdisciplinary and hence, links to a number of other disciplines and hence, even if you study some other discipline which is not math but is associated with math, it becomes highly important to study math and have clear concepts of math.

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Hence, mathematics as a whole is a mandatory and extremely essential subject in both academics as well as daily life of the normal individuals. This is the reason why it is made compulsory till the elementary level and in a number of universities and colleges as well. EssayCorp is a highly differentiated website which is known to provide the finest quality of Math homework help as it possesses a set of the most top-notch math experts.

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