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For so many of us, our dogs are much more than just our pets. They are our loyal companions, protectors and a source of immense joy. You just can’t help smiling when you see a picture of one of our fuzzy friends, and that smile can transform your whole day. We can learn so much from dogs. They teach us about patience, gratefulness, responsibility, loyalty, protectiveness, kindness, excitement and most importantly, they show us how to love unconditionally. Something that we can all be better at. For one ordinary man, his ordinary dog was all of this and more to him, but the two took their journey and turned it into something extraordinary.

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One day, while exploring in the woods near his Sudbury, Northern Ontario home, Andrew Knapp picked up a stick to throw for his border collie, Momo. Momo happily ran off to where he thought the stick would be thrown and Andrew saw Momo’s head poke out from behind a tree and thought that it looked like a perfect picture. Unbeknownst to Andrew and Momo, this moment was the start of something amazing. Days later armed with his camera and a tennis ball, Andrew set out to take more pictures of Momo ‘hiding’ in beautiful scenes.

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Momo is in each picture! Keep searching a look close for his cute little face!

Andrew made Momo social media profiles so that he could share his project with the world and never imagined what a difference it would make. Jumping on board with his newfound doggy version of Where’s Waldo, Andrew and Momo embraced the unknown to travel in Andrews van all over the America’s finding hidden beauty, taking pictures, making friends and learning so they could share with others. From these adventures, Andrew and Momo created two New York Times bestselling photography books, a beloved children’s book and one very interactive website.

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Find Momo “creates a blurry line between photo book & game book” with the goal of encouraging people to find beauty around them and bring joy to people everywhere. In Andrew’s own words “Find Momo aims to share with you the beauty in just about everything.” and all it takes is the exciting moment of finding Momo hiding in one landscape to remind you of just how beautiful our world really is. Andrew hopes that his work can help bring people together and give them a moment of happiness. Because he believes that positivity is contagious, and if he can help put a smile on one person’s face, that positivity will snowball. As you flip through the pages of their books or scroll through their website, you do, in fact, become inspired.

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So rarely are our heroes exactly who we think they are, but after meeting Andrew (and Momo) you have no doubt that he is authentic when he says that “My heart thrives in the arts. I believe that we’re here to learn and grow, and that an opportunity to share what we’ve learned lives within our ability to create.” Andrew and Momo can inspire us to believe in this too. They can inspire us to see the beauty of the world, strive to share our gifts with others and help make the world a more positive place, one smile and wet puppy nose at a time.

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