Into it - Chase Atlantic

mitchel cave image
❝ I've been catching planes for the fun of it
Then I'll be watching fame turn to punishment ❞

Hospital beds - Cold War Kids

band, Cold War Kids, and rock image
❝ I got one friend
Laying across from me
I did not choose him
He did not choose me ❞

Africa - Toto

rock band and toto image
❝ The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation ❞

Serendipity - Jimin

bts, jimin, and park jimin image
❝ The whole universe is different from yesterday
Just from your happiness ❞

Draw your swords - Angus Stone

angus and julia stone image
_❝ See her come down, through the clouds
I feel like a fool
I ain't got nothing left to give
Nothing to lose ❞_

Oh no! - Marina and the Diamonds

gif, marina and the diamonds, and marina diamandis image
❝ Don't do love, don't do friends
I'm only after success ❞

❝ I feel like I'm the worst so I always act like Im the best ❞

Thank you for reading!
This is my first ever WHI article and it was a lot more difficult and frustrating than I thought but oh well.