Slowdive is the best shoegaze band in my humble opinion and here are the songs that stigmatized me, the feelings they evoke and the things I have identified them with on a personal and emotional level. And despite their deep and sometimes dark melancholy, I find their sound is not exactly sad but cathartic and extremely soothing.

Country Rain

This song reminds me of rainy days where the clouds are grey and sometimes the sun steals away between the clouds to brighten the day or dark nights just watching the rain falling. And it is also the feeling that I was left with when I watched the movie Blade Runner 2049. This sweet sadness that the rain takes with as it falls to this girl who wants to get closer to the man she loves and just feel him. And that same sweet sadness stays with us long after the end of the movie.

She wakes up on her own
And opens her eyes
The sun tries to burn through the pain
She still feels inside

I've seen you fall apart
I know you wouldn't care
But I wish you were mine

She looks into his face
Just to be near him
And the clouds come round again
Nothings changed

I saw you for a lifetime
I know I shouldn't care
But I wish you were mine
And the rain keeps on falling
In my heart.

*PS. There was the most perfect video with all the lyrics and the rain falling but it was taken down unfortunately. I mean why do people do these things?

Losing Today

This song is so ethereal and somewhat gothic. The lovers of the dark sound will actually adore this. It accentuantes so much the feeling of loss but at the same time it gives you comfort for it along with a feeling of complete serenity. I also love the b&w picture of the video.

In a corner
She sits and waits
She's waiting for
Her heart to break
It says it all
Don't lose today

Avalyn I & II

I love those two songs... It is actually the same song in two different variations. Avalyn I has some lyrics and Avalyn II is just unending atmospheric sound... I love the feeling of loss in them and the atmospheric sereness they convey. Remind me of dark cloudy days and endless grey seas. I love this video. Some of the lyrics are online but most of them I wrote them down myself.

Silence grows
My feelings flow
I'm dreaming now
Of all the things I know
I'm here...

I think of you
My foolish *flame
All things I know
All alone...

Looks in my mind
Oh... I'm right here...
With nightmares close
All that I know
I die...

I'm here on my own
I'm here on my own
All alone...

Spanish Air

The feeling of loss in all its magnificence...
The clouds fly, so far
I'm lost there now

Screams that seem unreal
Shouts follow the sins
There's nothing here for me now
The wind blows for as far as I can see

I long for the sun
The midland air
For all that I have
There's written in waves
I know that now
There's left to be seen
I know that I've lost him
I'm leaving here

Fastest knife a sign
Feels so far away
There's nothing here for me now
The clouds fly, so far
I'm lost there now

I long for the sun
The midland air
For all that I have
Is written in waves
And now that I know
Is left to be seen
And now that I've lost him
I'm leaving here


This song makes me dream of grey coastlines with waves crashing down on the rocks, grey cloudy skies and soaring birds... It inspires such a hopeful and warm feeling inside you.

Watch the waves so far away
They're washing cross the paths that I have made

Leaving all my sins I turn away
Like soaring birds I watch my sorrows play

Don't you know
I've left and gone away
You're knocking on the door I closed today
And everything looks brighter
The waves they just soothe my pain away

It felt so good to see the sun
I'll choose my time before i choose the one

Floating cross the waves the silence runs
My thoughts can go but now my sorrows done

Golden Hair

This song - which is in fact inspired by a poem of James Joyce and Syd Barrett's setting ( - reminds me of the fairytale of Rapunzel when the prince wanted her to lean out her window with her golden hair... But this song doesn't just leave you with a fairytale-like sense but with a profound and powerful haunting emotion. There's a girl who actually can't stop crying her eyes out during the whole duration of this song, so I included the live version rather than the original song to convey that intense feeling.
I also love this painting which reminds me of that wonderful song (

Lean out your window, Golden Hair
I heard you singing in the midnight air
My book was closed, I read no more
Watching the fire dance, on the floor
Singing and singing, a merry air
Lean out your window, Golden Hair...


All the Slowdive songs are ideal for cloudgazing (in fact I think this kind of music should be renamed as cloudgaze instead of shoegaze because it is so dreamy, calm and emotional) but this one I think is the best of them all... Imagine sitting beside the window, watching the grey clouds as the wind draws them slowly away and listening to this song. I cannot think of anything more perfect than that...

I watch the colours fade
Watch the games you play
And when it all falls down, yeah
Don't forget the days
When the sunshine fades away

Remember what they say
Remember what they say

The right time
She calls
Every time she says she's falling
And every time she call us friends

To the right time
She calls
Every time she says she's falling
Every time she call us friends
I can't believe
She says she's leaving
Can't believe
I can't believe it
Scares me...
Can't believe it...
Can't believe.......

She Calls

There are no words to describe this song...
The music and the lyrics speak for themselves...

She calls across the sea
Through autumn rains
She screams
She howls in ecstasy
She calls
She calls through wind and rain...


Life is a cycle, a wheel turning: gladness, then sadness, then gladness again. Nothing is permanent, nothing stays the same. Not even melancholy. Hope exists even in the darkest of places if only someone remembers to turn on the light as J.K. Rowling very wisely says. This song reminds me that we should be grateful for what we have and at the same time trying for the things we want because as I said life is a cycle and we can have them in the next turn! Where there's life, there's hope. Or as Tyrion says in A Game of Thrones: โ€œDeath is so terribly final, while life is full of possibilities.โ€ Just leave it all to time...
PS. I love the video's oniric imagery from the Melancholia film.

She don't understand you
Her birth made of grain
She can now see the sun
And everyone said, yeah
You're better off dead but
She didn't know we were alone

And when it all looks brighter
Just turn around and smile
When it's looking better
Just leave it all to time
Just leave it all to time

She said don't you know, yeah
There's people in places
And places is what made her see
And everyone said yeah
She's better off dead but
She looked like she wanted to live

And when it all looks brighter
Just turn around and smile
When it's looking better
Just leave it all to time
Just leave it all to time
When it all looks brighter
Just turn around and smile
And when it's looking better
Just leave it all to time...


I just love this song! ๐Ÿ’–โœจ

I can see you laughing
Through dreams of perfect sleep
Sleep away from me
You know what's in my mind
When you go I'm crying
Dream dream away from me

When the Lord embrace you
Bow down, spare the reed
When I close my eyes
Your fate shall be free
When I see you drowning
I'll dream dream away from you

Crazy For You

The no. 1 Slowdive song... It was when I first listened to this song that I fell in love with them. A man dedicated it to his wife on facebook to declare how much he loved her because of their anniversary and I was left listening to it for hours at a time like I was bewitched, laying down hypnotized, not wanting for it never to end... So I kept pressing repeat I don't know how many times... I hope we all find a love that inspires us to dedicate this song to them. That's all I can say.

Crazy for loving you...
Crazy for love...

There are a lot of other songs I'd like to add (some happier than those I already added) and may will in the future but for now I just want these because they are my current favourites and I love them so very much... If you liked them be on the lookout for any updates. Or maybe I will write another article! That sounds even better I think!
Thank you very much for reading this article! I send you my best wishes and hopes for inspiration and serenity! And keep cloudgazing! โ˜