So honestly I talked to my ex boy a few days ago. I admitted to the way I still felt about him. I told him that I miss everything I had we had together, the kisses, cuddles, the way he looked at me, the way he showed love to me... it felt unconditional, until I broke his heart. He told me after that even if him and his girl were not together he probably would not go back to me, to admit it really fucking hurt. He told me that he would not tell his girl and he broke that promise, cause I got a text from his girl and she was pissed at me. She made it seem like I thought he still loved me, I knew this whole time that he does not love me anymore but she had to make me seem like I am a crazy bitch.

Never knew falling in love would hurt so god damn much. I need a guy in my life because I feel so fucking lonely, but at the same time... am I really ready for a relationship? Life is confusing as fuck, and so is love.