Hey loves! So recently I came across this brand called Love, Beauty and Planet and they really inspired me to do this project. I really hope you like it.

So basically, Save The World project is a thing I'm doing where the members of the project do DIYs and crafts that help save the world and the environment. After we do an activity, we will write an article about it sharing our experience. If you want to join, just DM me.

Though there are many things we can do to help, a few decisions are:

Go Vegan or Vegetarian

I am currently Vegan, and honestly, it feels amazing. Though I don't want to force you to become vegan or vegetarian, I highly recommend you do, because it's so good for your health and the world. And no, it's not expensive, and you eat more than apples and spinach.

Use Less Water

I know, you've heard it ten thousand times, but it really does help. If every woman in America cut her shower time by just ten seconds, we would have water for half a million people. And that's just ten seconds. Imagine what a few minutes could do.

Use Love, Beauty and Planet

Love, Beauty and Planet is a hair and body cosmetic company that creates Vegan, all natural products. Like, all of it is natural. Even the plastic container is made of 100% recycled plastic. It's sold at target and amazon for about $6.99 a bottle, which is $3 cheaper than my normal shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner even has fast-rinse technology, so it rinses out of your hair faster, which saves water. If this isn't a vegan's dream, I don't know what is.

Grow A Garden

I know it sounds like a lot of effort, but it's actually SO fun. Me and my sister are planning everything out right now for our garden. So, hear me out. Yes, you have to water them, and get your hands dirty planting them, and get your hands even more dirty harvesting them, but it's really for the better cause. First, if you look at the prices of seeds, and the prices of all the fresh produce, produce is about a thousand times more expensive. And as a vegan, I eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. So planting a garden would be a million times better for my (aka my parents) bank account, and for my happiness. Adding onto the last part, I recently just started getting into growing plants, so obviously, I grew a plant. It's really tiny, and to this day I can remember the excitement I got just thinking about waking up to water my plant. And how happy I got when the first little plant bud popped up. I even called it my daughter and hissed at anybody who went near it (even my dad). If just that tiny plant made me happy, imagine what a whole garden can do. It's also scientifically proven. Doing small tasks throughout the day is scientifically proven to make you more productive, which makes you happier. The bigger the accomplishments are, the more productive you feel. So, in my opinion, you should definitely grow a garden.

That's all I have, but if you feel interested in this project and want to join, feel free to DM me! Good night my loves!

xxx Lexa <3