It hits me late at night
Why do I feel like I have no one in my life?
Yes, I have friends,
Yes, I have family
Why does it feel like no one's ever there for me?

I wake up every morning to "no received messages"
Not one single text from anyone,
Should it be like this?
I wish I had friends; oh that's right, I do
But why don't they text me?
I'm starting to feel really blue

I walk through school with a frown on my face,
Hoping someone will notice and want to fill my empty space
But of course, no one does
Now I'm sitting at lunch with those friends and their fake love
Should I confront them?
Tell them how I feel?
But then I'll be more lonely,
and continue not knowing what to feel

Why am I so lonely?
Is there something wrong with me?
Am I not enough to be in someone's company?

My second poem I've written. This one is really special to me because I put a lot of personal feelings into it. I feel so alone a lot of the time and I just needed someway to get this off my chest so why not share it? Let me know if you are going through something similar. Is this relatable for you? Hope you enjoy :)