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hey everyone! so, i've very recently begun to read and write articles here on weheartit. one of my favorite types of articles is those where people share their music taste, so that's exactly what i'm gonna do.

Let's just get into it

1.Feel it Still
Portugal. The Man

portugal.the man and feel it still image
"I'm a rebel just for kicks, now. I been feeling it since 1966, now."

2. Corazón
Maluma, Nego de Borel

Mature image
"Tú me partiste el corazón pero mi amor no hay problema."

3. Let You Down

nate, rapper, and nf image
"All these voices in my head get loud, I wish that I could shut them out."

4. Strangers

Sigrid image
"We're falling head over heels for something that ain't real."

5. The Sights
Enter Shikari
The Spark

bands, bass, and enter shikari image
"You got distracted by the gleam of the diamonds, as you flew by."

6. Party Tattoos
Party Tattoos

doddleoddle, doddlevloggle, and dodie image
"We're not bruised. They're just party tattoos and their colorful mess is just colorful regret."

7. My My My!
Troye Sivan
My My My!

Image by Nick Troiano
"Oh my, my, my! I die every night with you."

8. See Me
Rich Brian
See Me

album, amen, and fashion image
"Call me selfish 'cause I got me and nobody else."