Aries: Naples and Birmingham, United Kingdom.

italia, italy, and napoli image Temporarily removed bridge, canal, and barge image beautiful, cities, and nature image

Taurus: Dublin, and St. Louis.

bar, beer, and dublin image
1981, shed, and union image malls, 1989, and Missouri image

Gemini: London and San Francisco

gif, london, and city image
cities, travel, and fireworks image london, Big Ben, and england image
bridge, golden gate bridge, and fog image
city, light, and night image Image removed

Cancer: Amsterdam, Manchester, Milan, New York, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Venice.

amazing, amesterdam, and bikes image aesthetic, city, and manchester image turquoise, blue, and travel image Central Park, city, and pretty image stockholm image Image removed
CI, gif, and venice image

Leo: Bombay, Chicago, Madrid, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Rome.

bombay, india, and travel image city and travel image Image by Private User beautiful, california, and los angeles image architecture, travel, and city image italy and rome image

Virgo: Athens, Paris, and Boston.

acropolis, Athens, and Greece image acropolis, ancient, and Athens image
paris, travel, and france image
boston image lights, night, and boston image

Libra: Lisbon, Vienna, and Nottingham.

lisbon and portugal image capital, portugal, and Sunny image city, travel, and architecture image austria, mundo, and viajes image nottingham and United Kingdom image snow, winter, and england image

Scorpio: Baltimore, New Orleans, Liverpool, Newcastle, and Washington DC.

lights, baltimore, and usa image new orleans image
britain, city, and europe image
blue, people, and stores image america, boat, and flag image

Sagittarius: Budapest, and Toronto.

Image removed beauty, city, and architecture image Image by Private User blue, canada, and cities image

Capricorn: Brussels, Oxford, Delhi, and Mexico City.

belgium, brussels, and photography image adventure, amazing, and building image Image removed city, color, and colorful image

Aquarius: St. Petersburg.

places, st petersburg, and world image cathedral, russia, and church image flowers, red, and russia image russia, moon, and night image
petersburg and neva image

Pisces: Alexandria, and Jerusalem.

beauty, alexandria, and blue image egypt, city, and alexandria image
Jerusalem, sunset, and old city image