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i love millenial pink/ peachy nude shades


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i dress quite simply on a daily basis. i have a preppy, sophisticated kind of style. i love oversized sweatshirts, mom jeans and simple gold jewlery. i usually have my hair up in a bun or braided. i also love jean and leather jackets.


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i love to read, draw, and write stories and poems. i also play violin and you will find me listening to music all the time.


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i generally prefer soft, indie rock/ alternative music. these artists are some of my favorites. i also love discovering new music.


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im a very funny person and i love brightening peoples day. im very playful, energetic and love getting new experiences. i can be petty at times...and emotional. i take some things to heart sometimes but i have genuine love for everyone, no matter who you are. that's all.


i'm a leo boiii

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thank you very much for reading this article and i hoped you enjoyed learning a little bit about me. feel free to message me if you want to be friends or just talk. and be sure to check out my previous articles. kk byyye - hannah
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