do you remember
when you looked in the mirror
for the first time
you saw your first reflection
what was your reaction

if you liked what you saw
that has probably changed
once you are a seed
the world will water you with ideas
and you can't stop the sun from shining
then you will become a wild flower
just like the rest of us
because i guess we are all different
we are supposed to be unique

so if i am a marigold
and you are a lilac
i guess i have to hate the color yellow
and you have to hate the color purple
because liking those colors
would make us stuck up


yet that was just the beginning
when we were kids
not afraid to be ourselves

like all silly metaphors
the whole "be yourself" thing
is getting old
but it must always get old
with you

we aren't kids anymore
we sway the same way in the wind
because we have found those who are like us
even though
we don't know what colors we want to be
which ones we like
just yet
we are still buds that haven't bloomed

after all
flowers don't live forever
they are beautiful
but they can't always last
they wilt and they die
they fade
and their petals fall

but every flower has a purpose
every flower is supposed to be here
if it wasn't
it simply wouldn't be here
like all silly metaphors
if you weren't supposed to be here
you wouldn't be here
you have a purpose
without flowers
without colors
without people
the world would be nothing

you are much too young
for your petals to fall
you are much too young

to wilt.