What surprised me most before writing this article, is how there is no other article talking about this topic in such an inspirational platform as WHI.
But hey, let's start ...

I know that making these kinds of decisions is very risky. It is a decision that one takes for oneself, and to have a genuine connection with oneself.
I'm really scared. I am not going to lie.
But little by little I'm creating mini projects to relax while I think and meditate before making the most important decision of my whole life.
Many of you have already found a career and are probably already studying.
Others perhaps thought they had found it, but it did not turn out in the end.
And also some of you are like me. In doubt. In nowhere. In the desert.
I'm dry, I need water to bloom. To inspire me, hope, joy can come to me. The passion.

I want that at the end of this year, I find what I really love. Find me Or rather, CREATE ME.

Many of my relatives see me as if I were crazy.
I do not dislike the idea.
I do not like that they do not trust me.
When I always did it with the most disguised idea.
Apart from that I do this for me, and only for me.
I also know that no one is going to make this important decision for me. That I will have to do it.

Everything depends on me.

I probably write more about my Sabbatical Year.

Meanwhile, I want to thank you if you read the entire article and see you in the next article.

Peace Out!