I was hoping this would be a sick joke, that you were playing on me. You had always talked to me that you never liked to avoid people, and that friendships meant a lot to you. If that's true, then why did you do it to me?

The past weeks were horrible. It is already been half a month, and I haven't gone a day without crying about it. Nights of crying myself to sleep. I am hoping one day I will wake up with a text from you, hoping maybe one day you'll walk up to me and want to talk.

Every time I am near you though, you walk away. When you used to come up to me and talk to me. Every time I look at you, you would look away. When you used to smile and hold our stare. Every time I call you, you decline. When we used to talk for hours about nonsense.

More importantly, every time I try to fix things, you ignore it. You said this is temporary. But is it really? You had the opportunity to ruin things, and you already did. So why not just never talk again? When will 'for now' be over?

This is ruining my life. Making me depressed. Making me hate myself. But you would never understand, would you? Because to you, maybe I was the annoying girl. But to me, you were all I had.