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i was scrolling through some challenges here on whi and i decided to make one for myself. i'm calling it the #highlightlowlightchallenge
you answer each question; they all have to do with some of the most prominent moments in your life- good or bad. I want this to be super honest so basically this challenge makes you reflect on your life and share some experiences with the world :) feel free to join me i’d love to read some more of these!

1 | the most embarrassing moment of your life

my entire life is honestly a joke and i’ve had so many embarrassing moments throughout my life that they don’t even register in my head as embarrassing anymore. i’ve learned to laugh at them lol.

when i was in the first grade i was playing “firefighter” (this game my best friend at the time and i had made up) during recess at the playground. it required a LOT of running and weird monkey bar- jumping combos that really exhausted this home girl. i was doing some random split in the sand and all of a sudden i felt a swift breeze through my pants. i genuinely remember thinking about how much windier it had randomly gotten. i continued splitting (lol) and got up, only to feel sane fall down the inside of my pant legs.

me, still not getting the gist of the situation didn’t even think twice about the sand INSIDE my pants so i turned around and my friend was like “uhh tyler..” and i was like “what?”. she pointed to my pants and i felt my butt to discover that there was a huge gaping hole where denim used to be, exposing my blue Cinderella underwear.

of course i was mortified so i just covered the hole and scooted my way over as discreetly as i could (i failed miserably) to the nearest supervisor. as i told explained my situation to her she was trying (AND FAILING) to suppress her laugh as she wrote me a note to the nurses office.

my friend assisted me to the office and went back to class when the bell rang, deserting me. the nurse had to “assess the damage” so i reluctantly exposed the hole to her as she wrote on some notepad. i sat on the little blue mattress thingy and eavesdropped as she called my mom to bring me new pants.

after an agonizing seven years (more like twenty minutes) my mom came with my favorite wizards of waverly place target capris. i thanked her for saving my life and she helped me change in the bathroom.
i finally did the walk of shame back to my class. i desperately hoped that i could slip in my first/ second combo class in the most incognito way possible but of course that’s not what happened.

the door was locked so i had to knock and await the worst. one of the second graders opened the door for me. as soon as i stepped foot into the doorway my teacher goes


the ENTIRE class stared at me and i wanted to shrivel up and disintegrate into oblivion.

sorry that was so long

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2 | the hardest you’ve ever cried

this is obviously a very touchy subject and i don’t want to spend a lot of time on it. the day i cried the most in my entire life was the day my sister was diagnosed with cancer.

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3 | the best day of your life

i cant think of a specific day but some of my favorite memories consist of my family spending weekends at hotels by the beach. standing on the balcony and seeing the ocean in the distance as the sun rose is hands down one of the BEST feelings in the world.

getting away from our regular lives and escaping to the coast is something we haven’t done in a while but i’d absolutely love to do it again.

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4 | an awkward crush story

the dreaded crush stories. to be honest i’ve never really been boy crazy like many other girls at the school i went to. (celebrity crushes or fictional character crushes are a whole different ball game btw) i never had one of those kindergarten “relationships” or anything of the sort. i wasn’t too fond of people at my school so it wasn’t easy to have crushes on the boys at school.

one time in particular in middle school i was sitting at my desk, which was apart of a larger table group. i was the only girl and the teacher was beyond creepy so i couldn’t stand being in that class. i didn’t talk much at the table because all the guys were friends and had their own little conversations that i didn’t care to be a part of. one day i was doing my work like the little angel i am as a couple of the boys at the table argued; a boy that i already knew had a wittle cwushy wushy on me, and his best friend. things between them escalated and i heard a distinct,


when i say that boy turned red- dude he morphed into a tomato. i felt sooo bad/ awkward and i just sat there silently.

trust me that bell signifying the end of the period was the best sound in the world that day

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5 | your first period story (girl exclusive of course)

i always hear these super embarrassing period stories and sadly mine was pretty anticlimactic.

literally the DAY before i started my period my mom had attempted to give me the 411 on putting on a pad but i wasn't listening at all. i thought i had a ton of time to spare before i started my period so i was chillin.

the day

seventh grade had just started and i was sitting at my lunch table. i had the sudden feeling of what i could best describe as "involuntary peeing." i remember thinking

"did i just pee myself?"

my friend and i went to the bathroom and as i sat on the toilet i noticed the blood. i had a pad that my mom had given me the day before but i didn't even know how to use it so i just went for the classic toilet paper trick.

i walked out of the stall in half-shock. i honestly didn't know what to think.

that day my dad picked me up from school. i didn't say anything besides the usual "hi, my day was blah blah blah."

my mom happened to be home that day and as soon as i saw her i started crying and hyperventilating because i thought my life was over. lol.

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6 | how your first day of high school went

again, pretty basic. surprisingly i made it to all my classes on time and everything. i didn't have any embarrassing moments- at least that come to mind- that day. freshman year was fricking lit bro.

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7 | the worst friend you’ve ever had

yikes ok so although i've had a few friend horror stories throughout my life i can't really think of a "worst" friend. i do have a few friends that I don't really click with but i feel like at that point i don't really try to keep them in my life ya know.

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8 | the most dramatic situation you’ve ever been in

LOLOLOL for some reason i have a ton of unnecessarily dramatic moments in my life. this one is pretty simple but basically near the end of elementary school i was in the middle of this weird friend war where i had some people that probably hated me and people who were trying to make me leave my friends to be with them instead. messy lol.

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9 | a lesson you’ve learned the hard way

don't text him first all the time.

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10 | a story you’ve never told anyone

actually i think i told my mom this but she probably forgot lol.

when i was seven years old i took one of those tiny notepad party favors (can't remember from where) and i wrote my first song. it was called "butterfly heartbeat" and im sure it was awful. for the life of me i can't find it and i really want to.

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11 | an awkward situation you’ve been in

freshman year i was talking to my guy friend at the time and while he was talking his spit like rocket launched to my face and we both noticed but i felt like acknowledging it would make it worse so i pretended to not notice. that story makes me cringe to this day.

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i hope you enjoyed this! once again, feel free to make your own :)

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