Hello hearters! Today I saw a super cool article :

And I was inspired to make my own, this seemed like a super fun and easy challenge, and I've seen a couple other people do it so here we go! :)

I'm using my middle name Osiris since my first name is too short and only has two letters (Isis)

O : Orchid

loona, jinsoul, and aesthetic image aesthetic, door, and pink image pink, aesthetic, and arizona image Image removed

S : Salmon

pink, aesthetic, and waves image sky, orange, and sunset image Image by yağmur peach, pink, and aesthetic image

I : Indigo

water, grunge, and pale image grunge, city, and night image cigarette, blue, and grunge image Image by Allison

R : Ruby Red

red, ruby, and aesthetic image aesthetic, girl, and neon image aesthetic, bed, and couple image red, aesthetic, and neon image

I : Iguana Green

plants, green, and tropical image green, beautiful, and boats image aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image apple, blue, and green image

S : School Bus Yellow

yellow, flowers, and rose image autumn, inlove, and ❤ image sunflower, flowers, and yellow image yellow, girl, and aesthetic image

Hope you enjoyed this short little article :)