You have to remember that you came into this world alone, and inevitably you will leave alone. You're relatives, friends, pets and significant others will not die in the same instance you will (unless someone has proved me wrong).

With that being said, this life...belongs to YOU. Only you. YOU have to decide how far you want to go in life. YOU have to decide what "right" or "wrong" means. YOU have to make peace with who you are, right in this current moment. Not who you pretend to be, not who you want to be, not who you compare yourself to. This living, breathing, amazingly created creature reading this post. It may be hard to think of yourself in such a way, but trust and believe YOU HAVE A PURPOSE. Maybe it's to create, to tell stories, or to save lives. Maybe it's to take in all the glorious sights that people take for granted or don't even know exist. Maybe it's just to simply BE. Whatever it is, you'll never find out if you quit now. I may not know you, I may not ever know you. But I feel you. I ache for you, and I want you to get to a better place, no matter what it takes! You deserve to live this life fully, with many lessons, happiness, growth and laughter. And you will, but you have to keep going okay?

You'll be okay Baby, even when you're not. I can assure you that =)