Hey cuties!
How much do I loooooove shopping!
So this article will be to tell you all my favorite shops, all the place you need to go to have an outfit, for example, a date (Anything), just for a day with friends, alone, etc.
Let's get started!

book, color, and draw image

My favorites:

1-B&BW (Bath & Body Work)

candle, fall, and autumn image autumn, fall, and candle image cosmetic, gift, and lovely image article, christmas, and bath and body works image

2-David’s tea

cup, hold, and Hot image photography, snow, and winter image enjoy, latte, and peace image canadian, tea, and yummy image


pink, teal, and aesthetic image Image by SLIVERS OF ELEGANCE clothes, H&M, and shop image H&M, pink, and store image


sephora, makeup, and pink image Image by sαяα🥀 sephora and bedroom image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


fashion, shoes, and style image shoes, style, and heels image shoes and slippers image brown, aldo, and classy image


starbucks, coffee, and drink image girl, friends, and starbucks image chocolate, yummy, and coffee image starbucks image


beautiful, luxury, and store image fashion, forever 21, and store image forever21 image Image by Angel

8-Victoria's secret

Inspiring Image on We Heart It pink, Victoria's Secret, and shopping image enchanted, photography, and store image Image removed

9- Pandora

nails, rings, and beauty image Image by migta bracelet, jewelry, and rose gold image Image by laraam787


boho, hipster, and indie image fashion, boho, and jacket image Image by vogueistic beauty, casual, and fashion image


Temporarily removed Image by Jinxthedreamer bath, blue, and galactic image Image by l o u


ballet, dance, and exercise image fitness, run, and sports image Image by lili picsite demi lovato and Queen image


clothes, Dubai, and garage image fashion, garage, and model image clothes, shorts, and garage clothing image anchor, fashion, and grunge image

14-Indigo or Renaud Bray

book, flowers, and candle image book and flowers image book, coffee, and vintage image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


Image by Maria Maria fashion, black, and red image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, girl, and outfit image


aesthetic, colors, and short image bridge, shopping, and edmonton image purse, scarf, and style image girl, fashion, and friends image


ad, blonde, and natural image aerie, mall, and shops image girl, body, and sexy image bikini, fashion, and legs image

Oh god! Luv them!!!!

Now, if you are going on a date:

5-Victoria's secret
7-And more!

To a party, fest, etc:

3-Forever 21
6-And more!

When you're with friends, just let it go! There's so much I didn't say because I can't remember all...

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That's meeeeeeeee!! And one of my friends!!!

No big deal! Just do what you want honey!!!!! Let U go!!!!!!

What are YOUR favorites shops?
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See ya next Wednesday!!!!

Luv y'all -xox- L😽

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