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Spray a light yet very sweet scented perfume or body spray when you wake up in the morning. It will make you feel refreshed and smelling beautiful, ready to start the day.
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Open your windows and doors in the daytime to bring some fresh air into your apartment.
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Add some flowers (real or fake) into your apartment to make it that little more angelic and homey preferably light dusty pinks/ivory/whites. Also add some sweet or fresh smelling candles depending on your mood so your home either smells like a bakery or a florist, who wouldn't love that!
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Brush your hair at least twice a day, once in the morning and another time at night to ensure that you don't have any hair breakage or knots throughout the day. Also invest in a good hair mask to treat your hair at least once a week when you shower and leave it in for 10mins them wash. buy a good heat protector spray if you tend to style your hair a lot and a nice nourishing hair oil for it. plait your hair before you go to bed so you do not get any tangles or fuzziness in the morning.
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Hang up all of your expensive or fragile lingerie (you will thank me later) this way you don't need to worry about them breaking by being squashed in an underwear drawer. It also looks pretty too and like you take pride in your appearance.
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Have a snuggle with your favorite person and let them know they are loved and appreciated every day.
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Have a pretty beauty area to do your makeup and buy a few ornaments or flowers to decorate it nicely.
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Keep up good oral hygiene, brush your teeth always and floss after dinner at night. invest in some whitening toothpaste, an electric toothbrush and some whitening mouthwash to keep those pearly whites gleaming. Don't forget to smile!