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Songs Featured: Up At Night, Make It Stronger, I Like It, I Know You Know It, Hearts On Fire, I'm a Mess, Sunsets and Heartbreaks, Acid Rain, Before October's Gone, Easy to Forget Me, Fall Back, Headlights, Brave Heart Worth the Fight //Album released: May 18, 2016 (source:

Top 5 Favorites from Up At Night:
(1) Make It Stronger
(2) Acid Rain
(3) Brave Heart
(4) I Know You Know It
(5) Worth the Fight

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Songs Featured: Your Name Is Forever, One More Night, Alive, Never Let Me Fall, The Love of a Man, My God Is Here, Hope for It, Kick the Habit, Find Me, Love Song (Over Me) //Album released: December 20, 2016

Top 5 Favorites from Alive:
(1) Never Let Me Fall
(2) Find Me
(3) My God Is Here
(4) Love Song (Over Me)
(5) Your Name Is Forever

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Songs Featured (Group): Sad Girls Club, If It Isn't You, Cars + Parking Lots, Last Summer, Boy in a Band, BAD, ok well i guess that's it then//Solo songs: Kryptonite (Christina Lynne), Where It All Ended (Katherine Ann), Wrong (Lisa Michelle), Girls Like Me (Amy Elizabeth), Blue (Lauren Christine), and Galaxy (Danielle Nicole "Dani")

Top 5 Favorites from Sad Girls Club:
(1) Who Told You
(2) Galaxy
(3) Kryptonite
(4) Blue
(5) Last Summer