hey welcome to my #letterbyletterchallenge

1 | songs


The Weekend - SZA
You're My Favorite Song - Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas (Camp Rock)
Lemonade (uke version) - Jeremy Passion
Everything She Wants - Wham!
Reverse Faults - Sampha

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2 | tv shows, movies, books

The Conjuring (movie)
Yo Gabba Gabba! (tv show) i looked for an hour i couldn't find anything else that ive seen lol
Legally Blonde (movie)
Elf (movie)
Rush Hour (movie)

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3 | characteristics

Young at heart
Eclectic (tied with emotional)

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4 | celebrities or characters

Thomas - the maze runner
Yara Shahidi
Lupita Nyong'o
Emma Watson
Rapunzel - tangled

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5 | random, random and random

Talking - something i probably do too much
Youth - something i'm scared of leaving
Letters - any cards or letters people give me i keep
Everyone loves to tell me their secrets
Running - no thanks

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