Hello, my name is Victoria.

V - Violet

girl, style, and outfit image purple, balloons, and aesthetic image purple, sky, and window image belleza, colores, and flores image

I - Ivory

dress, fashion, and wedding image accessories, bridal, and opera gloves image bridal gown, lace dress, and long dress image white, lies, and light image

C - Crimson

flowers, red, and theme image color, dark, and desire image red, theme, and food image autumn, color, and oregon image

T - Turquoise

aesthetic, summer, and bikini image car, blue, and vintage image blue, nature, and turquoise image water, blue, and sea image

O - Orange

orange, rose, and aesthetic image flowers, orange, and nature image orange, blue, and summer image aesthetic, orange, and orange aesthetic image

R - Red

rose, red, and light image rose, flowers, and red image autumn, christmas, and red colour image colour, strawberry, and sweet image

I - Indigo blue

aesthetic, eyes, and flowers image blue image blue image aesthetic, blue, and city image

A - Avocado

avocado, food, and green image food, healthy, and sandwich image food, ice cream, and avocado image food, healthy, and avocado image