hi guys! today im gonna be talking about korean fashion. i don't know much about the country and im not even a fan of kpop or something like that, i just really love the way girls dress there, it's so fashionable.

so i've done a little research and this is sort of the concept of korean fashion, hope you enjoy!

skirts + sweaters

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skirts (usually plaid skirts) and big sweaters look so soft and cute, specially if they're light colors, im in love with that look.


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shirts with stripes with shorts or denim skirts and also jeans are such a casual but adorable look.


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the most casual ones i guess they're just basic cool jackets but then they have this kind of long classy coats that give any outfit a fancier vibe.


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cool sunglasses and also round glasses are trendy and also hats and caps (depending on the look). some girls also wear chokers or earrings but it's not that common.

denim dresses

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i dont know if they're actually called this but whatever, they're popular. and cute.


kfashion, outfit, and asian fashion image outfit, aesthetic, and fashion image outfit, fashion, and kfashion image aesthetic, alternative, and asian image
they usually tuck in their shirts inside their pants and sometimes wear belts.

extra: really pink or red lips

ulzzang, girl, and asian image girl, aesthetic, and ulzzang image girl, korean, and ulzzang image aesthetic, fashion, and girl image
this is a serious thing, every girl has really pink (and somehow looks natural) lips or red. and it looks so pretty!

so that's it for today's article. i hope you enjoyed it and liked korean fashion as much as i do. seriously just take a moment to appreciate their looks, they became a really big inspiration for me.

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