Where do I even begin? There are no words that can even describe what I wish to say.

We met at a very strange and complicated and heartbreaking time in my life. You were someone who was very unwelcome and completely unexpected. There were times when I thought "what is the point of all this" you're probably going to turn out like the rest of those guys who got bored and only stuck around until they found the girl of their dreams. But you..you are entirely different..and this time around, I am sure.

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I'll admit while it is not wise to say that this is for sure or you will be the one..just know that our time together is very much cherished. I really do hope I can call you my forever person. Because I am in love with every bit of you. How soft your skin is..the way you look at me..how you touch me is all so magical.

As of now we will enjoy these moments only time and faith will bring us closer.