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Today I bring you something that I thought it was kinda special. My first language is spanish, and it contains thousands of words, but these are some of the most beautiful.

I was inspired by this article, with the twist of the spanish part;


(adj.) extremely delicate and aired, something outside of this world
Superthumb black
extremadamente delicado y aireado, algo fuera de este mundo


(n.) when the clouds get a red tint being illuminated by the sun's rays
beautiful clouds
cuando las nubes reciben un tinte rojo iluminado por los rayos del sol


(n.) movement or attitude of the body that manifests itself with disposition, intention or feeling
couple boy
movimiento o actitud del cuerpo que se manifiesta con disposición, intención o sentimiento


(interj.) desire for something to happen
boy Superthumb
deseo de que algo suceda


(n.) first sunlight before the sunrise
forest photography
primera luz del sol antes del amanecer


(n.) affability, simplicity, kindness and honesty in the character and behavior
aesthetic ginger
afabilidad, simplicidad, amabilidad y honestidad en el carácter y el comportamiento


(n.) the art of speaking effectively to delight or convince
kind book
el arte de hablar efectivamente para deleitar o convencer


(n.) natural ability that humans have to act in one way or another, being responsible for their own actions
blue girl
habilidad natural que los humanos tienen para actuar de una manera u otra, siendo responsables de sus propias acciones


(n.) lucky and unexpected finding that happens when you are looking for something different
boy happy
un hallazgo afortunado e inesperado que sucede cuando buscas algo diferente


(n.) name that receives the smell that produces the rain when falling on dry grounds
flowers autumn
nombre que recibe el olor que produce la lluvia al caer sobre terrenos secos

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