You go on a pretend date with your best friend and realize you like him/her.

Jonah and I have been best friends since we were 7 years old. That's why when I ask him to be my fake date on my sister's wedding, we are both absolutely sure it's going to be just a great oportunity to have fun, like we always do when we are together. Nothing else.
It's a saturday morning and I'm blissful. I take a shower and put on my maid of honor dress, a light baby pink one with a white bow. It actually fits me quite nicely and it accentuates my curves. After I do my make-up and my hair, I put my high heels on and go meet Jonah, who is supposed to be outside waiting for me.
"Hey, you look gorgeous" He says and delivers a quick peck on my cheek. He is wearing a simple black tuxedo but in combination with his dark hair and green eyes, there's nothing simple about the way he looks.
"Thanks, you don't look too bad youself" I grin at him. I'm so excited I could jump. "I can't believe I'm finally going to see him again" I say as we get in Jonah's car.
"When was the last time? Lily's birthday?"
"Yeah, I think so" I lie. I absolutely know the last time I saw Caden was on my sister's birthday. I remember when I went to pick him up at the airport because Lily couldn't, and when we talked all night long at her party and I absolutely remember when I tried to kiss him and he told me he had a girlfriend back in London. It sucked. That's why I'm pretending to have a boyfriend at my sister's wedding, I don't want him to know I'm still pining over him.
"Well, you are going to show him what he's missing" My best friend says with total confidence. I really hope so.

We arrive early, obviously, considering I'm the maid of honor. Everything is completely ready and my sister is about to arrive.
"Allie, thank god you are here, could you fix my hair? Mum messed it up in the car" Lily says when she first sees me.
"Sure, no problem. How are you feeling?" I ask while attending the hair issue.
"Actually, I'm feeling great. Though it may have something to do with the couple of champagne glasses I drank earlier" She giggles.
"Don't tell me you are drunk"
"Of course not, but I should probably eat something. Hey, do you know where Alex is?"
"Alright I will ask mum to get you something to eat and I'll go look for your fiancé"
After I see that Alex is in his room, I go to the hotel lobby and realize everything is ready to start. The guests are outside, where the party is, and both the groom and the bride are ready to go.
The ceremony is absolutely beautiful, I try not to cry but I can't help it and Jonah laughs at me from his front seat. From my spot I can see Caden, the guy I've been crushing on since my sister first introduced me to him. He is extremely handsome, polite, has a good sense of humor and the sexiest british accent I've ever heard. He is perfect.

The party starts and of course, Jonah and I begin with our plan. We are sitting next to each other at the bar and he puts an arm around my waist.
"What? Is he looking?" I ask nervous.
"He is coming Allie" He moves a bit closer and I allow myself to smell his perfume, the one I gave to him as a Christmas' present.
"Hey Allie, how you've been?" My thoughts are interrupted. His voice sounds so much better that I remembered.
"Caden, oh my god! I've been great, actually, how about you?" I face him.
"Well, I've had better times, but not bad"
"Oh, did something happen?" I say worried.
"Do you remember Rebecca?" That bitch.
"I'm sorry, who?" I hate her.
"My girlfriend. Well, she dumped me..." He looks at me in the eyes and I try everything not to smile. Jonah, who has been right next to me all this time, coughs. Oh, right.
"What a pity Caden, really. Um, this is Jonah" I say with a smile. Caden just looks uncomfortable while both of them shake hands.
"Oh, are you guys together now?" My crush asks. I am the one uncomfortable now, we hadn't go this far discussing the fake date with Jonah, I just asked him, told him why and he said yes.
"Yeah, we are" My best friend answers for me.
"I thought you were best friends" Now I just can't speak.
"Well, you know how these things are. Besides, you know Allie, how can you not like her?" I wanted to hug Jonah and hit him at the same time.
Caden just laughs awkwardly, says "Yeah, well I guess I'll see you around" and walks away.
"Do you think he believed us?" I ask.
"I don't know, maybe. It didn't help that you were only paying attention to him and not to your boyfriend. Weird stuff. And besides, you didn't answer when he asked if we were together"
"What? Are you jealous?" I joke because I didn't want to acknowledge the fact that he was right.
"As your fake date, yeah"
The evening goes by and I see Caden a couple of times, but after a while, I just can't find him anywhere.
Jonah must have realized I was looking for my crush in between all the guests, because he says "I think I saw him go into the lobby, wanna go check?"
"Yes please" I say with a grin, I love how he knows me.
However, the feeling goes away the minute we step inside, as I watch Caden clearly flirting with a girl, he's about to kiss her.
"Oh, I'm sorry baby" My best friend whispers.
I think things are at their worst, but life surprises me when Caden looks at us, looking at him and the fortunate blonde girl.
"Shit" I say the second before Jonah pushes me to the wall next to me. "What are you doing?"
"Shut up and kiss me" He whispers and crashes his lips on mine.
Now, I've kissed many boys, but I have never, ever, been so turned on by a simple kiss.
I lose myself into the almost religious experience, my hands playing with Jonah's dark hair, his hands in my waist dangerously moving up. His tongue playing with mine just feels... weirdly right. And when he press his body against mine, all I want to do is rip his clothes off. Wait, did I just moan? What the hell? I gently push Jonah away, catching my breath. That was intense.
"Oh my god. You didn't lie when you said you kissed well" Words are just coming out my mouth.
"I think I used the frase ´like a god´ but I'll take it. You aren't too bad youself, those moans were hot, Allie" My best friend fixes his hair while I just stand there, blushed.
"Well, I don't know what to say... Thanks? I know you kissed me so I wouldn't stand there almost crying like an idiot in front of Caden"
"Yeah, besides, it was kind of payback, wasn't it? Speaking of, don't look but he is looking at you, at us. He wants you"
If he had said those exact words ten minutes ago I would be jumping of happines. However, now I couldn't care less about Caden, because all I can think of is taking Jonah to a room upstairs.

So that's when it all first stared, and if I had known where all of this could end up, I would have kissed Jonah a long time ago.

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