first thing and only thing: i saw someone else do this and i really liked it. ok.

1. a song with a color in the title

Image by arzu country, Taylor Swift, and music video image
red - taylor swift

2. a song with a number in the title

Image by Daddy's little psycho grunge, party, and friends image
17 - avril lavigne

3. a song that reminds you of summer

demi lovato and cool for the summer image pink, grunge, and purple image
cool for the summer - demi lovato

4. a song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget

background, blue, and calvin harris image Taylor Swift, calvin harris, and couple image
summer - calvin harris

5. a song that needs to be played loud

OMG, perfect, and should i stay image stranger things image
should i stay or should i go - the clash

6. a song that makes you want to dance

gif and camila cabello image album, havana, and heart image
havana - camila cabello

7. a song to drive to

Lady gaga, artpop, and gaga image gypsy, Lady gaga, and Lyrics image
gypsy - lady gaga

8. a song about drugs or alcohol

lana del rey, high by the beach, and lana image pink, aesthetic, and grunge image
high by the beach - lana del rey

9. a song that makes you happy

gif, musical, and the greatest showman image stars, light, and photography image
from now on - the greatest showman cast

10. a song that makes you sad

it doesn't exactly make me sad, just nostalgic.

boy, quote, and love image kesha image
last goodbye - kesha

11. a song you never get tired of

Taylor Swift and red image quotes, magic, and Taylor Swift image
long live - taylor swift

12. a song from your preteen years

miley cyrus, miley, and party in the usa image miley cyrus image
party in the usa - miley cyrus

13. a song you like from the 70's

glasses, aesthetic, and blue image looking glass image
brandy (you're a fine girl) - looking glass

14. a song you’d like to be played at your wedding

ed sheeran, photograph, and drawing image ed sheeran, music, and photograph image
photograph - ed sheeran

15. a song you like that’s a cover by another artist

falling in love, gif, and twenty one pilots image hand, life, and quotes image
can't help falling in love - twenty one pilots

16. a song that’s a classic favorite

black, rockstar, and post malone image aesthetics, rockstar, and alternative image
rockstar - post malone

17. a classical song

i know there´s one i like, i think it's beethoven's, but i don't remember the name so...

18. a song you’d sing with someone in a duet for karaoke

demi lovato, Joe Jonas, and camp rock 2 image demi lovato, Joe Jonas, and jemi image
wouldn't change a thing - demi lovato & joe jonas

19. a song from the year you were born

quote, bon jovi, and alive image heavy metal, bon jovi, and rock band image
it's my life - bon jovi

20. a song that makes you think about life

Temporarily removed beast, beauty and the beast, and belle image
how does a moment last forever - céline dion

21. a song that has many meanings to you

i have no idea. when i think of one, i'll upload it.

22. song that has a persons name in the title

dolly parton and jolene image dolly parton, jolene, and Lyrics image
jolene - dolly parton

23. a song you think everyone should listen to

gif, zendaya, and the greatest showman image aesthetic, the greatest showman, and hugh jackman image
this is me - keala settle

24. a song by a band you wish were still together

gerard way, mcr, and my chemical romance image my chemical romance, art, and mcr image
teenagers - my chemical romance

25. a song by an artist no longer living

adorable, gif, and mj image michael jackson, dance, and black or white image
black or white - mj

26. a song that makes you want to fall in love

music, quote, and life image all about us and he is we image
he is we - all about us

27. song that breaks your heart

couple, stars, and ed sheeran image ed, Lyrics, and song lyrics image
all of the stars - ed sheeran

28. a song by an artist with a voice you love

demi lovato, beauty, and black and white image demi lovato image
smoke and mirrors - demi lovato

29. a song you remember from your childhood

michael jackson, amazing, and jackson 5 image jackson 5, text, and i want you back image
i want you back - jackson 5

30. song that reminds you of yourself

Avril Lavigne, song, and gif image weird, freak, and quote image
anything but ordinary - avril lavigne