Hey guys! Sorry if I do not post articles last Friday. I was busy and I totally forgot to post one. So I arrange my schedule and I will post two a week on Monday and Friday at 7:00. I hope you like this article because it really cares for me!

The 90s for me are a source of inspiration. Whether for fashion, decoration, television or for life in general. So I concluded that I had to talk to you about it! I will present you an item in each category that I particularly like. Let's start with the most important category in my opinion, fashion!

》 Fashion 《

fashion, aesthetic, and indie image
The choice of colors are a important things. Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, all is allowed! After the jeans twice as big is also very popular! Then the belts as wide as our hand are all the rage. Not to mention the big round earrings that really hurt...

》 Decoration 《

pink, room, and bedroom image
In the 90's it's important to be colorful .As you can see in the photo, pink is everywhere. The posters of our favorites singers, roamed the walls of our rooms. The wood is also very present as well as the carpets. Big TVs and phones of all kinds of colors were old technology! For the chairs and sofas all that was fabrics was cool!

》 TV show 《

friends, Joey, and rachel image
This is where cartoons began to become popular. I have too many examples given like simpsons, power puff girls, rugrats, scooby-doo and more. Now for the series! For series, I do not know many. But I know the basics like friends, beverly hills and one tree hill.

》 Music 《

music, aesthetic, and records image
The pop style marked its debut at the beginning of this generation. Again for music I do not know a lot of songs. I know how popular spices girls were in those years. Do I have to talk about Britney Spears' Baby one more time? Oh baby, baby...

So to wrap up this article, I'll give you something for your 90's outfits in extra. Put a lot of clothes on with flowers and you will be ready! I hope this article will inform you about the practices of this time. That time ? I speak as if it was centuries ago but it's not so long ago! Good evening and Friday!

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