Hi lovely hearters!!!
Today I'm going to do another challenge, called "this or that". I hope you get to know more about me, so lets get start it.

1 Coffee or Tea?

Image by vogueistic tea, Louis Vuitton, and luxury image

2 Short Nails or Long Nails?

nails, yellow, and beauty image nails, white, and silver image
short nails

3 Sunset or Sunrise?

friends, girl, and summer image sky, sunrise, and рассвет image

4 Tattoos or Piercings?

tattoo, summer, and waves image Image removed

5 Dog or Cat?

cat, animal, and autumn image dog, puppy, and cute image

6 One Piece or Bikini?

girl, summer, and beach image Mature image

7 Summer or Winter?

girl, beach, and summer image lover, mood, and mountain image

8 Fall or Spring?

spring image autumn, legs, and martens image

9 Day or Night?

brazil, morning, and bus image Image by Ana Paula Horta

10 Pool or Ocean?

Image by Eduarda Ferreira summer, ocean, and sea image

11 Blonde Hair Guys or Brown Hair Guys?

neels visser and guy image brunette, guy, and gorgeous image
both hehe

12 Fruits or vegetables?

food, fruit, and strawberry image food, healthy, and fitness image

13 Books or Movies?

books and library image awesome, best friend, and black image

14 Chocolates or Flowers?

chocolate, food, and sweet image flowers, pink, and roses image

15 Dinner Date or Home Date?

couple and lové image couple, love, and lights image
home date

16 Pancakes or Waffles?

choco, chocolate, and food image chocolate, food, and waffles image

17 Ice Cream or Yogurt?

Barcelona, ice, and cream image accessories, blog, and glamour image
ice cream

18 Chocolate or Vanilla?

chocolate, ice cream, and food image ice cream, food, and white image
chocolate ice cream

19 Tan or Pale?

Image by vogueistic bodies, body, and tumblr image

20 Platforms or Sneakers?

shoes, black, and platforms image Image by ♛Princess♛

21 Workout by Myself or Couple Workout?

fitness, workout, and style image boy, boyfriend, and couple image
by myself

22 Matte Lipstick or Gloss Lipstick?

makeup, lips, and lipstick image girl, gloss, and makeup image

So,this article comes to an end. I hope you liked, see you in the next article.
Kisses, Martu♡