NOTES: the songs are not in any particular order. i will add songs she's featured in and songs of her own that don't appear in the albums and will organize them according to the era they were released in.

don't forget

Image by yasmim
1. la la land
demi lovato, Joe Jonas, and jemi image
2. trainwreck
demi lovato image
3. back around
2008, accessories, and bracelets image
4. gonna get caught
demi lovato image
5. two worlds collide
Image by crybby083
6. believe in me
2008, demi, and demi lovato image
7. behind enemy lines

here we go again (i'd put the entire album, but i won't)

smile image
1. solo
2009, black and white, and clothes image
2. u got nothin' on me
concert, demi lovato, and happy image
3. world of chances
Image by Veronika
4. falling over me
alternative, cool, and fashion image
5. got dynamite
Image by Veronika
6. every time you lie
be, demi, and we the kings image
7. we'll be a dream
demi lovato, tumblr, and stop the world image
8. stop the world
demi lovato, Joe Jonas, and jemi image
9. wouldn't change a thing


daughter, demi lovato, and for image
1. for the love of a daughter
demi lovato and song image
2. my love is like a star
demi lovato image
3. in real life
Image by Veronika
4. mistake
Dream, gif, and happy image
5. give your heart a break
Image by M e l ♥
6. hold up
demi lovato, gif, and skyscraper image
7. skyscraper


band, beauty girl, and dark girl image
1. heart attack
demi lovato and nightingale image
2. nightingale
demi lovato, the mortal instruments, and cazadores de sombras image
3. heart by heart
demi lovato, in case, and demi image
4. in case
demi and demi lovato image
5. two pieces
demi lovato image
6. made in the usa
demi lovato, somebody to you, and the vamps image
7. somebody to you
b&w, demi lovato, and white image
8. i hate you, don't leave me
demi lovato, gif, and sweet image
9. fire starter
demi lovato, demi, and gif image
10. something that we're not
demi lovato, lovatic, and handsome image
11. up


black hair, brown eyes, and demi lovato image
1. cool for the summer
confident, demi, and demi lovato image
2. yes
confident, demi lovato, and idol image
3. mr. hughes
demi, song, and lovato image
4. for you
demetria devonne lovato, demi lovato, and girls image
5. i will survive
demi lovato, gif, and gifs image
6. irresistible
demi lovato, stone cold, and wallpaper image
7. stone cold
demi lovato, headers, and song image
8. wildfire
demi lovato, gif, and music video image
9. without a fight

tell me you love me

demi lovato, gif, and gifs image
1. instruction
gif image
2. sorry not sorry
demi lovato, music video, and pink dress image
3. tell me you love me
beautiful, Lyrics, and makeup image
4. daddy issues
demi lovato, beauty, and singer image
5. you don't do it for me anymore
demi lovato, games, and grey image
6. games
album, cancion, and demi image
7. lonely
album, cancion, and demi image
8. hitchhiker
Image removed
9. concentrate
aesthetic, broken, and cry image
10. cry baby
demi lovato and demi image
11. smoke and mirrors
album, cancion, and demi image
12. only forever
demi lovato and gif image
13. échame la culpa

...i almost wrote all of the tracks...lmao